Mu online has a lot to show and offer. Basically, it is an MMORPG game from Korea which has a very unique game play as it evolves with the coming of the new season. Now that they are in the 14th season, there are a lot of things that you can discover in his server.

Like other MMORPGs, you have to learn the basics as when it comes to playing this interesting game. For starters, its gameplay could be very complicated and highly extreme because of its actions and adventure that it entails. Here, the players must be able to have and choose their very own character from the many characters that are open for selection. You have to level up and further develop your character by fighting off monsters to gain more experience.

Know the features offered in this season:
In mu online season 14, there are a number of different characters that you can choose from. But basically, there are 5 classes for you to choose from. There is the Dark Wizard, Dark Lord, Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator and Elf. In this season, there is a new character and his class is of the elf kind.

The players of this game may be able to evolve the character players that they have chosen through the progress of the game. For instance, a Magic Gladiator or even a Dark Lord characters can be unlocked the moment you let your characters go through the game play. One of the best features in the mu online is that is features cooperative play which is one of the most common feature of MMORPGs. What we mean by this is that the players can even choose a team where they can be a member of. The players of this team cooperate among themselves to battle with an opposing group. The winning team may be able to share the loot that they have won.