Everyone loves getting free products or services and there are several companies that offer these promos but they would still require their customers to provide their credit card information. Most of these free trials or services are only good for a month and if the customer is not able to discontinue the service, then their credit card will be charged. If you want to skip the hassle of getting charged after the free trial, then the most effective way to do it is to enter fake credit card numbers that actually work.

Credit Card Generator

Using fake credit card numbers is actually a good hack in the system which means that you do not have to worry when the free trial ends. Business owners can also take advantage of using fake credit card numbers if they just need to test out their system. The best way to get these credit card numbers is through snurl which can generate working credit card numbers in a flash. These credit card number generators can be very useful to companies or establishments that need them. Instead of thinking of random numbers, the generator will do the job for you in a more efficient and effective manner.

How does the Credit Card Generator Work?

The generator makes use of a system which is based on the Luhn Algorithm which has been proven to be very effective in validating numbers. The fake credit card number can be used as account information for establishments or companies that would require credit card information for their free trials or promos. However, do keep in mind that these fake credit card numbers cannot be used to make an actual purchase since the numbers will not be accepted by the system since you will need a valid CVV/CSV number and as well as an expiration date.