Magento sites are considered to be very helpful for online sellers and businessmen around the world. However, not all Magento stores provide you the quality performance that you expect them to perform and probably, the reason why is because you might not have employed of some effective trips that you need to do in order to boost the performance of your Magento site.

Indeed, it would be helpful to learn some tricks of the trade. Actually, it may surprise that these tricks are actually very easy to do and these can be just done with a little bit of changes in your computer settings.

How to boost your Magento site?
The following easy steps will enable a faster running of your Magento site. And it can be even more effective with magento lazy load extension. However, it should be noted that these steps would require access to administrator functions.

  • Update your Magento site.

Some may not be aware that they are running on a previous version of Magento. If you are so, then it is best that you update your version of Magento so it will allow you access to the latest improvements for the site.

  • Enable module for Flat Catalog.

One can do so by going to System, then click on Configuration, then click on Catalog. By turning on this feature, one would be able to enjoy the many improvements that this setting has to offer.

  • Enable caching.

Some would normally disable cache in order to save up on space. But on this case, it would be best that you enable cache in order to lower to the number of operations that the Magento database would require every time there is a page request. This can be done by clicking on System, then on Cache Management.

  • Always compress image files.

The reason for this is simple and that is to reduce the size of the said file.