Hacking generally refers to an unauthorized computer or network intrusion. The person involved in hacking is known as a hacker. This hacker can alter system or security features to achieve a different goal from the system’s original purpose. Hacking may also refer to non-malicious activities, which usually involve unusual or improvised equipment or process changes.  As part of their support staff, some companies employ hackers. These legitimate hackers use their skills to find defects in the security system of the company to prevent identity theft and other computer-related crimes.

Protecting your Instagram Account
Many people are wondering how to protect their Instagram accounts from being hacked following an apparent hacking spree on Instagram. Hacking is certainly a scary situation-especially if you’re a company that relies on Instagram to sell or generate leads. Therefore, what can you do to protect your account in Instagram? Mashable published an article on August 13 detailing how hundreds of Instagram accounts have been hacked since the start of the month. According to the article, users in several countries experienced the same bizarre hack: They were logged out of Instagram, changed their usernames and profile pictures and the contact information associated with their account was changed to a Russian. ru email address and people think that this one is related to the IG password hacker.

Hundreds of Users Require Protection
Because of this, Instagram quickly commented that in August they didn’t notice an uptick in hacks, a quick search on Twitter for “Instagram hacked” reveals hundreds of Instagram users complaining that they were locked out of their accounts recently. This prompted Instagram to publish an article the following day recognizing the hack and offering advice on how to recover their accounts to affected users. With the number of recently hacked Instagram accounts reaching thousands, it is super important that you take the right steps to secure your account and protect yourself from hackers.